Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Big Day In The Crowell Household!

Yesterday was such a huge day! First off, we went to MOPS which Layla loves because she gets to play with a bunch of other kids. Then we came home, had lunch, and just spent some time together. Then, it was naptime. So, I put Layla down, then Jillian. I did some things around the house. I knew that Layla didn't go down right away and was playing. Well, Jillian woke up and we played. Then at 5 I went to get Layla, she was still asleep and didn't want to get up. So, I gave her about 20 more minutes. So, I went in and woke her up again, she was awake and said that she had went poopy. I told her that it was OK, and that we would clean her up. She smiled REALLY big and said, "No Mommy, I went poopy in the potty!" I was shocked! We ran into the bathroom and sure enough, she had went into the potty. I was SO proud of her! And she was so proud of her self. She wanted to call Grandma Mary, so we did and then she wanted to call Pappy George. They were all so proud of her. Then about 20 minutes later, Jillian was crawling around. She stood up and looked at me. I scooted away from her and held out some bears and she took 3 steps!!! It was so great! Then we had to call everyone again! She did do one more step for Eric after he got home so he did get to see a little bit. You could tell that Jilly was very proud of herself too!

I am just so excited for my 2 big girls! They are growing so fast and are doing so much. Good Job by Darlings!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ketchup On Her Ketchup?!?!

Last nght we had omelets for dinner. Layla doesn't usually want eggs, but for whatever reason said she wanted a cheese omelet. So, I made everyone's dinner and we all sat down. Layla proceeded to throw a HUGE fit saying she didn't like eggs. This went on for a while. If she asks for something to eat and then doesn't eat it, it really pretty much makes me mad. Trying to keep my calm, I tried to make a deal with her. I told her that if she took ONE "thank you" bite of the eggs then I would make her the mac and cheese that she so desperately wanted. Well, this caused another fit as she didn't even want to take a thank you bite. Finally I just jokingly said, "what if we put ketchup on the eggs?" Her eyes got huge and she said, "yes, yes!" So, we got the ketchup out, put some on the eggs and she ate them all! Crazy girl. She is just like her aunt Tiffiny. Ketchup on the ketchup!

Happy 35th Birthday Daddy Eric. We love you so much. We hope that your day is relaxed and filled with smiles.

God Bless,

Monday, January 19, 2009

Jilly's First Word?!?!?

Maybe! Over the past couple of days, Jillian has been saying "Mamamamamama" over and over. I really didn't think anything about it. Until today that is! This morning, she looked right at me, smiled, stuck her hands out towards me and yelled, "Mamamama!" My heart just smiled so much! She is 10 months old today, which is SO difficult to believe! She will be 1 in 2 months! Is that possible?

I think the first word was really just to make up for the massive diaper explosion that she had last night. For the first time ever, we literally had to cut off the onesie because I just did NOT want to pull that over her head...poor kid. It was gross!

Layla is doing well, she has pooped in the potty a couple more time. At least lately, she has waited till "quiet" time when she is in a pullup to go if she has too. Other than that, she is doing great with things. She is really finally warming up to Jillian and is such a cute big sister. Unless of course Jilly is into something that Layla wants or vice versa!

That is all for now!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Yuck! Gross!

Layla is somewhat sick. I am SO tired of cleaning up poop. It is so gross. Please get better soon little girl!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jilly's First Claps!

Jillian has learned to clap! Yesterday I was reading the pamphlet I got from the doctor on Monday and it said that 9 month olds should be clapping by now. Well, Jilly wasn't so I tried showing her how to do it. One hour later, she looked at me, smiled and started clapping! It was so dang cute! Then tonight, I was feeding her puffs for dinner and she would clap after she ate each one. Such a darling little girl!

I did want to post just a short comment about my cousin Greg. Four years ago he passed away and we still miss him so much. Greg was such a wonderful guy. I loved him like a brother and will always miss him. God Bless you Greg.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Jilly's 9 Month Appt.

We just got back from Jillian's 9 month doctor appointment. The doctor said she looks great. She is up to 28 3/4 inches long and weighs 19 pounds and 7.8 ounces! She said that her 6 teeth look good and that she most likely has more coming in right now since she is chewing on everything and drooling everywhere. I am supposed to start trying to wean her from the night feedings, but other than that, she is perfect! Yeah! Layla went to her friend Aubrey's house to play and had a lot of fun. Just wanted to let you know!