Friday, December 4, 2009

Forgot...M at 4 weeks!

I had to take M to the doc last Wedesday (the 25th) because he had been SO grumpy and crying all the time. He had pretty much 3 moods: eating, sleeping, and screaming, that was it. He also snorted a lot like his sinuses were always stuffed, especially when he was sleeping. So, we went to the doctor. Doc said that it sounds like Colic...duh duh duh...and gave me some suggestions to help. Well, while we were there, they weighed him to make sure he was getting enough to eat. WOW...our little man weighed in at 12 pounds 3 ounces! That means he gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks. So, Yeah, I would say he is getting enough! They had me change how I am nursing him too. How it works know is that he can eat when he wants, but in a 3 hour time period, he can ONLY eat on one side. Then after that 3 hours, I can put him on the other side for a 3 hour time period. Apparently it is supposed to help...Not sure yet.

The Sunday before Thanksgiving we headed to Aunt Rebecca's and Uncle Jeff's house for the Crowell Thankgiving dinner. We had a really nice time even though Richard, Tiffiny, and Josh weren't there. THey were all sick. Grandma and Grandpa brought Sarah, so we were happy to see her!

Then on Thanksgiving day, we headed down to New Castle! I haven't been to New Castle in about 6 months! It was so great to go! We first were at Aunt Nancy's and then went to Aunt Sheri and Uncle Scott's house. We ate WAY too much! But, it was great to see everyone. I have missed my family so much. Eric left the kiddos and me there and drove Mom's Intrepid back and we stayed until Sunday. We didn't do much exciting, but it was a great visit. Then on Sunday Mom came back with me so she could get her car. All in all it was a wonderful Thankgiving. Now, onto Christmas!! :)


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