Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy Birthday...

To my beautiful 2 year old! I love you so much Jillian! Mommy & Daddy are very proud to have you as a daughter! You are kind, sweet, fun loving child who is full of joy! I adore you honey! I hope your next year is as wonderful as your first 2!
With love, mommy


Betty said...

Thank you for your kind comments!:)
I am now following your lovely blog!

Amy said...

Theresa - thanks for the nice comment on Pretty Babies. Of course you can re-post the post about Inflammatory Breast Cancer, but please link back to WhyMommy ( instead of me, as she is the author.

You'll notice that there's a "please repost" statement at the bottom of her post there. :)

Thanks again, and happy birthday to your little one!

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

Don't they grow up entirely too quickly? Mine starts kindergarten in the fall and I am a mixture of emotions.

Heather said...

Oh. Happy Birthday to your baby. I hope she has a great day.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your words!! I like em!